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What Do You Have to Lose?

Experience what life can be like on the other side of alcohol by giving alcohol-consciousness a chance for 90 days.

Who am I and what is the Dry-90 Challenge?

My name is Ken Makimsy Middleton, and I'm the author of Bamboozled...How Alcohol Lies to Us All - a book dedicated to educating people on the dangers of alcohol and encouraging them to live a life of alcohol-consciousness instead. 

Alcohol-consciousness is about educating yourself on the true scientific way in which alcohol affects us which has nothing to do with ever becoming an alcoholic.

The Dry-90 Challenge is about abstaining from alcohol for 90 straight days while coupling that with a series of daily habits that will allow you to experience high high-definition version of life that you can create without it. 

Why 90 days?

90 days is the amount of time needed to TRULY experience all the positive ways abstinence from alcohol can affect your life.

At the 90-day mark, you begin experiencing the compounding effects of not drinking which will be a much better representation of what stopping drinking long term could be like other than the quick 30-day Dry "insert whatever month you desire" that has been pushed in the past.

The Dry-90 challenge is about taking significant time away from alcohol while simultaneously investing in yourself to see what change you can create and what person you can begin becoming over a short 90-day time span. 

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What are the three daily activities for Dry-90 to work?

Each day for 90 days, you have to do at least TWO of the three activities for AT LEAST 30 minutes per day to begin building the change that can happen during this challenge. 

Sport Exercise


Reading in Bed

Educate on alcohol's effects

Playing Guitar

Work on a hobby

Sample schedule

You have the flexibility to make the schedule how best you see fit to stay focused and successful on making it the 90 days. 

There are the following recommended MINIMUMS for each of the activities per week, however.

Exercise: 5 days per week

Reading: 3 days per week

Hobby: 3 days per week

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Book Recommendations

There are a lot of great quit-lit books out there that can help in your alcohol-conscious journey (including my own!). Here are some of my favorites that helped me during my Mental Re-engineering phase of giving up alcohol.  

You can't really go wrong with any of these, so you have to pick the one that resonates with you. It's all about finding your own back and journey to alcohol-consciousness. There are many ways to get there, so don't be afraid to try a number of different books to see which one resonates with you. Here's a good list of some others to consider as well. 

Share your story...#dry90challenge

Post your experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #dry90challenge and tap into the strength of community and support. Don't just post about your success, but feel free to post when you're struggling and just want to be heard or could use some words of encouragement. 

The journey is different for everyone, but if we refuse to be alone and be vulnerable to post our triumphs AND our struggles, we can band together to increase the chances that we ALL succeed.

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